Some public astrochemical codes that can be used for interstellar chemistry.


1D pseudo-time dependent gas-grain model Nautilus from Ruaud et al. (2016).

Latest version of Nahoon compatible with kida.uva.2014. A small bug on the computation of the main reaction fluxes (written in verify.dat) has been fixed.

Update version of the Nahoon chemical model. Bug fixed on the temperature dependence in case of duplicated reactions with complementary ranges of temperature.

New version of the Nahoon chemical model. See the newly accepted paper by Wakelam et al. (ApJS) for a full description:

Astrochem is a code to study the chemistry of a variety of astromical objects (dense clouds, prestellar cores, etc.). It includes gas-phase reactions but also gas-grain interactions, such as depletion and desorption via various mechanisms. Astrochem is fast: problems with networks containing thousands of reactions between hundreds of species can be solved in a few seconds. Visit the website: for details and instructions. Contact: Sébastien Maret.

1D pseudo-time dependent gas-phase chemical model (no turbulent mixing). The temperature and density are fixed with time but 1D structures can be included. Please refer to nahoon_1d in your publications if you use it. The model is adapted to read the networks downloaded from KIDA. If you have questions, contact the KIDA team but we are not responsible for the results of the model if you modify it or the network.
The program has been modified to read the new KIDA format. A test on the temperature range of validity of the rate coefficients has been added.