The KIDA team acknowledges all the institues and countries participating in the development of this database.
List of agencies funding this project is available below.

Web Design:
Romain Vayssettes

Web Developers:
Fabrice Mendes and Julien Penguen

KIDA has been developed using Symfony 3 and Bootstrap 3.

Molecule drawing:
Molecules have been drawn with Jmol: an open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D.

InChi Codes and InChiKeys
Some of the InChi codes and keys have been taken from the NIST database (link: or from Wikipedia. Some InChiKeys have been generated using the online ChemSpider convertor (link:

Background image
Credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA).


If you are using KIDA for your research or to make your data available, we would appreciate if you could mention it in your publications. Typical sentences in this regard are given below.

The data published in this paper have been added to the online database KIDA (Wakelam et al. 2012,
The (some) kinetic data we used have been downloaded from the online database KIDA (Wakelam et al. 2012,

If you are using individual data, we strongly encourage you to reference to the original paper. A list of original papers can be found here.
We would also appreciate if you could notify us when you refer to KIDA in our publications for statistical reasons.